Pillow Top

Why a Pillow top:

Pillow Tops Mattresses and Box Tops Mattresses are the softest options available among our selection of mattresses. Built up from plush style mattresses, pillow tops contain an attached padding on the top of the mattress.If you are looking for the feel of sleeping on a cloud this may be the mattress for you.

The design of this type of mattress lends itself to a feel even softer than its plush equivalent.
If you have ever added a mattress pad or topper to your mattress to make it softer, a pillow top model may be exactly what you're looking for.
Those who sleep on their side and back, but enjoy a much softer or more padded feel, prefer a pillow top which provides a few more inches of padding sewn to the top of the mattress.
Pillowtops will tend to form depressions while you sleep. If this bothers you, a latex pillowtop surrounded in wool will reduce the depression.

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