Firm Mattress

Why a Firm Mattress:


Sleeping on a firm mattress is great for people with back problems in most cases but does not always apply. The mattress industry is forever changing so there are many types of mattresses and it really comes down to preference. In todays market and years of advancing in mattress technology, you can get proper support on even the softest mattresses. So why sleep on a firm mattress? Studies have shown that the firmer mattresses helps with the back alignment and hips. The support system in a firm does not allow the bed to sink in and keeping the support sometimes needed. You have many types of firmness so its best to shop the different types and decide what's best fits your preference. 

Firm mattresses are best for Stomach and back Sleepers:

People who sleep on either their back or stomach often appreciate a firm mattress, but one with some padding up top. Pillow top and euro top mattresses are great for delivering this comfort. The firmness of the mattress gives the supportive feeling, and the top padding conforms to the body to bring more cushioning to the areas that need it. If you are a Side sleeper you may find a firm mattress uncomfortable if it doesn't have conforming, cushioning support. 

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