Simmons Memory Foam IQ Series

The ComforPedic iQ  works naturally to adjust and displace body weight, regardless of your shape or size and does not require buttons or electronic gadgets. ComforPedic iQ also works to help you fall asleep faster, spend less time lying awake, and experience increased REM sleep so your body can wake up feeling rested.


Clinically-tested Smart Response Technology is at the core of the iQ mattress from Simmons. Specialized foam chambers allow air to properly displace throughout the mattress providing optimal comfort and support.  It combines cooling memory foam with responsive foam and latex layers, all constructed to adjust automatically to your contours and keep air flowing for an ideal sleep temperature. The result is a mattress that adapts to your movements and keeps you comfortable throughout the night.


What’s new in the Comforpedic iQ? Ultra Cool and Micro Diamond Infused Aircool memory foams are formulated to respond quickly to your body’s weight and pressure points, while rapidly moving warm air away from your body. The result is a mattress that re-calibrates every time you move.


Simmons combined these new features with some of its time-tested and highest-performing mattress technology to deliver true comfort and durability in the Comforpedic iQ. Smart Response technology and memory foam with GelTouch beads displaces your weight evenly, so the iQ mattress relieves common pressure points like hips, shoulders, and heels. And trust Simmons mattresses to keep your movement isolated, so shifting on one side of the bed doesn’t wake up the other person.


The new  Comforpedic iQ mattress by Beautyrest moves with you, adjusting to your contours and keeping you well supported for a full night of rest.


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